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Our Jungle House offers:

Comfort and fine cuisine in
    the wild
Minimum impact on the
    natural habitat
Insight into local cultures
Massage, and
    vegetarian food available
Fair, affordable prices

Treehouses in the Rainforest at
Our Jungle House

Experience towering limestone cliffs, a gentle river, abundant wildlife, and genuine hospitality. Great for hiking, kayaking, and relaxing.



South Thailand

Khao Sok Nat'l Park
Golden Buddha Beach
Railei Beach,krabi
Sea Turtle Conservation
Diving the Similans
Greenview Resort
Sea Canoe

Central Thailand

Rainforest Guest House
Other Bangkok Hotels
River Kwai Rafthouse
River Kwai Hard Trek
Village Life on Ampawa

North Thailand

Mae Hong Sorn
Mae Jaem Valley

Beaches Rain Forests Thailand eco-tourism

Khao Sok National Park

Lost Horizons' flagship, Our Jungle House is situated in one of Thailand's best preserved habitats for tropical vegetation and wildlife, surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs. It offers rain forests treks, kayaking, and trips to floating bungalows on a lake in the middle of the jungle. Children and adults of all ages love to stay in the tree houses built into 100-year old hardwood trees. Learn More

Khao Sok National Park
Golden Buddha Beach Resort

Golden Buddha Beach Resort

Golden Buddha Beach Resort, is a very special place much loved by many of the people who visited over the last 18 years for yoga retreats, turtle conservation, and family holidays with the hornbills, old jungle trees and pristine beaches still found here.

Other Destinations

Other unique eco-lodges and soft adventure trips in other regions of Thailand, like Chiang Mai and the River Kwai are also interesting. See our Destinations page. You will get ideas for one or more special destinations or trips which you can do alone or with guides and instructors to give you help should you need it.

See the Activities page if you have a special interest such as diving, kayaking, or birdwatching.